After studying law in France and Canada (where I stayed for 7 years), I worked in France as a Human Resources Manager. This experience was beneficial for me because today, I am aware of the economic aspect of your business. Recruiting the right person, the cost of training versus turnover costs, the profitability of your activity, these are closely linked to the staying power of your well-being activity.

Gentle and alternative medicines have enabled me to avoid being ill! Following health problems since I was born, food and essential oils have had a decisive impact on my life.

During my law studies in Canada, I followed a professional programme « psycho-corporal therapy and massage ». This triggered a turning point for me regarding the importance of the links between the body and the mind. Chinese medicine has been a revelation !

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Over time, this interest became stronger. I then trained in Ayuverdic massage and plantar reflexology, essential oils and naturopathy. I also followed several seminar based on Salomon Sellam’s biological decoding. I left my job in Human Resources to finally enable me to devote myself to my passion and to accept what I truly wanted ! I gained a CAP in aesthetics in 2008, I worked for Caudalie before becoming Spa Manager in Morocco at a 5*.

Since then, in 2009, I have created Bordeaux Well-Being geared towards private individuals and professionals. In 2012, I became a certified «Transurfing» coach which gave me more tools to accompany people in their body-emotion-mind-spirit journey.

I’ve sold my company in 2015 to spend 6 months in Middle-East as Integrative Wellness Coach/Consultant for different clients. I kept my private practice through skype and I had the pleasure to design specific menus (signature and Detox) for amazing hospitality brands and trained their staff to raw food in their kitchen!

I improved my journey by graduating from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and others plant-based/raw courses with Chad Sarno at Rouxbe Cooking School.

I feel blessed to dedicate my time to spread tips and advices for everyone to feel healthy, happy and wealthy.

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